Bramaker. Sewing bra, panties. Tailoring of lingerie. Bramaker. Sewing bra, panties. Tailoring of lingerie.

Manufacture of lingerie. Sewing bra, panties.

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Video production of lingerie

Professional production of women's underwear in Eastern Europe (Belarus)

AVECAT creates underwear sets marketed under the company's own brand or that of it's clients. Comfortable and elegant, our lingerie includes bras and knickers made from microfibre or cotton, designed for all shapes and sizes. Other items including nighties, bodies and suspender belts, swimwear collections. Alongside this, we are extending our activity to research into technical products that meet targeted specifications. This includes the development of connected products for the paramedical and orthopaedic sectors, support clothing for premium quality ready-to-wear brands and underwear specially designed for extreme sports. Our products are imported from Belarus, and are subject to hight quality controls prior to shipping.

Creation of patterns according to the base pattern, photograph or sketch. Change existing models to fashion trends.

Tailoring of small and big parties from 1 to more than 1000 pieces

Helping novice designers to implement ideas with a precise design and the right combination of materials.