Calculate the cost of sewing women's panties at the AVECAT factory

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The calculated price includes all taxes and VAT, not including delivery.

Form of women's panties **

  • On ribbons, little fabric
  • Classic shape with any waistline
  • Shorts
  • Pants

Use of lace (scallops - curly lace edge) **

  • Scallops lace edge to body
  • No scallops, or they stick to the fabric

Number of seams in front of women's panties **

  • 2 2
  • 3 3

Number of seams at the back of women's panties **

  • 1 1
  • 3 3

Processing legs or gussets **

  • Elastic band on the top of the product
  • Rubber band inside the product

Additionally for women's panties

  • Bow
  • Ribbon at the waist
  • Products with flat seams

Sewing quality **

  • Offsets up to 2mm on small parts are allowed. Thread less than 5mm is not trimmed.
  • Offsets up to 1mm on small parts are allowed. Thread less than 3mm is not trimmed.
  • Offsets are not allowed. Everything is perfect.


    • less than 4 pcs. (Sample) Price for everything
    • 36.00€
    • more than 5 pcs. Price for everything
    • 72.00€
    • more than 10 pcs. Price for everything
    • 96.00€
    • more than 20 pcs. Price for everything
    • 216.00€
    • more than 50 pcs. Price for one
    • more than 100 pcs. Price for one
    • more than 200 pcs. Price for one
    • more than 300 pcs. Price for one
    • more than 500 pcs. Price for one
    • make patterns for women's panties (graduation of 10 sizes, sample standard)
    • 96.00€


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Sewing women's panties to order

The price in the calculation of the calculator for sewing women's panties is used excluding materials. For launches from 50 pcs. sizes should be multiples of one figure, for example 10 pieces (one size 10, another 20), different multiplicity increases the cost of tailoring by 5-10%.

For sewing women's panties, you need the following materials:

Lace, fabrics, nets, elastic bands, thread, label, bows.

For sewing on a tolling basis, you need to collect all this in the right amount.

For sewing a sample, we can offer to assemble from what we have, the most similar to the task. We do not have a large selection of materials, but we have the necessary.

In the future, it will be possible to sew a batch of women's panties from the materials we have proposed, according to a sample-standard. The price for the complete set will be known after you approve the sample.

If other materials are needed, then this is possible only by prepayment for materials + shipping + all customs costs. You can assemble everything yourself. You can partially, the rest can be completed with us.

If you are going to select materials on your own on stocks, be sure to make sure of the quality. Try to rip the fabric, rub it, wet it, sweep the extreme conditions. Often, elastane threads in elastic fabrics or elastic bands are more than 5 years old, this is the age at which elastane begins to lose its properties, the fabric will not recover well. Smell the materials so you can check them for mold. storage can be in damp rooms. At the slightest suspicion of a fungus, discard such materials. In addition, try to take materials in their original packaging to avoid constrictions and color variations. Check for anything that may be important to your customer.